Burberry x Apple in Social Media

Burberry has teamed up with Apple to stream its Prorsum Womenswear S/S14 line with the new iPhone 5S that is set to release on Friday, September 20, 2013. The iPhone 5s camera was able to gain before, during, and after show footage of Burberry’s new line and models. Viewers were able to watch the content on eleven social networking sites, Burberry’s digital flagship, and thirteen live streams on outdoor screens at locations varying across the world. Both brands were able to create a lot of hype on its social media channels bringing about millions of users watching the content through YouTube, thousands liking the video on Instagram, and thousands of retweets from the content on Twitter. I’m sure with all of the word of mouth marketing that the two brands created certainly brought about more buzz and anticipation for the iPhone 5s release on Friday.
This step was a very powerful one for Burberry seeing that it has never streamed a fashion show using a mobile device. With this show being filmed by the Apple iPhone three days before its release, both brands were able to bring about a lot of awareness for both of the brand’s products. To read more on Burberry and Apple’s collaboration you can read the article below.
More Insight on Apple’s new Iphone 5s
Among one of the many features that Apple brings to us on its new iPhone 5s is its improvements on its camera. The new camera has a bigger sensor, better lens aperture, a dual-LED flash. The camera also features a new HD video which can be seen in the Burberry video of the show. More of the iPhone’s new features can be read from the article below.
As the importance of fashion shows by brands at Fashion Week are slowly decreasing, there has to be different outlets and techniques used to strengthen the brand’s presence in the media. After reading the article “Social Media Strategy Now Key to Shows” in WWD, it describes how more of the shows are being filled by people who are there to watch but not making it to the actual point of sale which is the designer’s main focus for hosting a fashion show. To save more money being spent on shows designers are cutting back on the number of shows and involving more social media presence to reach out to more of their audience. As brands use more social media platforms during fashion shows, they will have “greater access to their audience” and hopefully more return on investments. More information regarding the importance of social media during fashion week can be read from the article below.
This article inspired me because both Burberry and Apple are two of the most innovative brands in the fashion and business industry. They always take the next step into giving the consumer what they want and making it easy for users to access its products through a variety of channels. I enjoy following Burberry on its different channels and watching it grow season to season. Both brands also always take the initiative to show users what they are doing and how they are steadily improving.
Below is the link to watch the actual show being filmed by an Apple iPhone 5s.

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