Marc Jacobs the Fashion Influencer

When I think of today’s fashion influencers the first person that comes to mind is Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs has been very successful in his career thus far and has made a major impact in today’s fashion industry. With his nontraditional and innovative designs, Marc Jacobs has set standards in the industry that will be hard for others to duplicate.

Marc Jacobs has been an influence in the industry for over thirty years now. After attending school in New York at Parsons School of Design, his senior collection won him the Student of the Year award. After much recognition from his undergraduate studies, Marc Jacobs was able to gain a position with Perry Ellis working in their womenswear division. While working there, Marc Jacobs used his uniquely creative ways to create a grunge look collection for a fashion show that led him to be dismissed from the company. Jacobs did not stop here. Him and his business partner Robert Duffy created their own company, Marc Jacobs International. Following the creation of his own brand, Marc Jacobs was then selected as the creative director for Louis Vuitton. During his time at Louis Vuitton he was able to transform the company. Some of the ways he did this is by bringing its annual sales to five billion dollars, changing the way it’s fashions shows were produced, and collaborating with many popular artists for their collections. After sixteen years Marc Jacobs just recently announced that he is parting ways from Louis Vuitton to focus on his own company. Below is a picture of the final show Marc Jacobs produced for the Louis Vuitton brand.

Marc Jacobs has successfully built a lasting brand with Marc Jacobs Company. He has been able to create many lines under his main brand such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Little Marc Jacobs, beauty lines and more. Marc Jacobs Company offers women’s men’s, and children’s apparel, bags, shoes, fragrances, and accessories. He has 285 retail stores in 60 countries. Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy have grown their company to be one of the top luxury brands under the luxury world leader Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.




Marc Jacobs has accomplished much success in his lifetime and is still striving for more for himself and his brand. He’s won many awards such as the “Womenswear Designer of the Year Award,” “Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award,” and one of the youngest designers to receive the “Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent” from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.  In 2007 Marc Jacobs was presented with the Andre’ Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement award at Savannah College of Art & Design. With many more achievements, Marc Jacobs has certainly set many trends in today’s industry. He’s influenced many designers such as Miu Miu, Christopher Baily and Derek Lam. Designers have been influenced by Jacob’s “blending of style impulses, mood, colors, and silhouettes.” Jacobs is able to “take concepts from art, design, and culture and translate them into an approachable and wearable way for all women.”

Marc Jacobs succeeds at inspiring others in the fashion industry as well as giving back to the community. He contributes to various foundations such as Designers Against AIDS and human rights campaigns for research on melanoma. He’s currently the creative director for diet coke and was featured on Time Magazines list of 100 most influential people in the word in 2010.

Jacob’s many different styles and looks has left lasting impressions on the fashion industry and has shown that he can set his own trends, make quality creations, and take his own risks that are appealing to others. He’s changed how many designers look at fashion and has succeeded at directing both Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs Company. Marc Jacobs is one of today’s most influential people and will forever be known as someone who has changed the fashion industry.


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