Gottex New Swimwear Line

Have you ever loved a swimsuit piece but you just couldn’t fit any of the sizes because of your cup size? Have you ever heard of a haute couture swimwear line that produces must have designs? Well Gottex, the swimwear manufacturer based out of Tel Aviv, has just in store what you’re looking for.

Gottex, the luxury swimwear brand, is launching a new swimwear line that will be released next spring. This new line will be called “Profile Blush by Gottex.” The difference from this line than their other lines is that it will be launched as a contemporary swimwear line to fit bigger cup sized women. WWD states that this line will be targeted towards “Millennials who want contemporary, fashion-forward swimwear in the D, E, and F cup range.” Basically, Gottex will be offering swimwear to fuller sized women, a market that is not heavily catered to. WWD also states that this

“new brand will focus on striking signature prints, a bold color palette, and details such as shirring, ruffles, and crochet, rope trim and flutter effects. A variety of support options include underwire, removable cups bra tops, and double-tunnel, cross-back treatments. The collection will feature a range of separates including classic bandeau and tankini tops, flyaway flutter tops, bustiers, triangle-shape bras tops, Lycra-layered skirts, banded pants and rompers, as well as a range of bikini bottoms.” [i]

Below are pictures of the new swimwear pieces that we should expect to see next spring.

downloadimagesimages (1)

Lea Gottlieb founded Gottex in 1957. Her vision for the brand was for users to be able to wear her swimwear in any environment or occasion.[ii] Her haute couture swimwear has been seen on many prominent people since then. Gottex currently offers seven different swimwear brands (including their new line) that are made available to consumers worldwide.  Below are the brands listed that they currently offer.

  • Gottex
  • GTX
  • Profile By Gottex
  • Pilpel
  • Turkiz
  • Free
  • INO

This new line complements the original brand because it targets a new woman who will better appreciate the fit of their swimwear. Gottex is expanding its brand so that it can appeal to more fit-conscious women. It will use the same innovative fabrics and designs as its other lines, just a better fit for fuller women. On their website for the new line, Gottex states, “Every woman has her own Profile.” They are allowing customers to mix and match tops and bottoms, to buy the size that best fits them, and offering quality fabric swimwear pieces. The site states “design and fit are the focus of the collection.”[iii] They want users to be able to find their perfect fit while still looking stylish. This new line will help extend its target audience while still keeping its already loyal customers. Having a better fit only increases the likeability of the brand for both new and old target audiences.

Gottex’s new line is set to sell over 100,000 units with a price range between $38-$88 for bottoms, tops, and cover-ups. Stores who plan to sell the products are Nordstrom, Anything buy Water, Aqua Beach, and Lord & Taylor.

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