EBay New Retail Formats

EBay is taking online retailing to an entire new level with two new strategies that they have recently implemented onto their website. These two new strategies are their new retail platform called the “Retail Associate Platform” and their new social community on their site. As their main focus will always be to strengthen their online marketplace, EBay is taking new initiatives to really catch its audience’s attention and stay relevant in today’s tech savvy world.

EBay has a new Retail Associate Platform where they enable sales associates to build better relationships with their customers. This platform can be accessed through an app on a tablet and associates are also able to access their customer purchase history. Other things that can be viewed on this app are store performance measures and revenues made through consumer engagement. This platform will be very beneficial to reaching their new projected goals for the upcoming years and will help improve holiday shopping both in-store and online. This platform will combine solutions for consumers such as, “providing retailers with things such as connecting with consumers, mobile POS or even the ability to pick up orders in-store that were placed online.”[i] This platform allows associates to really build their clientele and manage their relationships via e-mail or text. This platform will enhance the shopping experience and really improve EBay’s offerings and services to their partners as well as their audience. Below is a picture of the platform for retail shop Luma and a customer’s information in regards to their purchase.


The next strategy that EBay plans to implement is a new social community on their website where users can interact with each other.

“The revamp has a host of features designed to harness social interactions, including a personalized experience that allows users to mix and match products and create collections, maintain profiles and “follow” other users and curators through a feed.” [ii]

EBay is providing users a social interface where they can connect with others that have similar interests to them. It also allows users to shares pictures with others from their page. This new feature is similar to Pinterest with the upload and sharing of pictures in a blog format but it allows users to purchase the items that they see on users pages. This allows EBay to create a community of users who share similar interests while still placing emphasis on their marketplace by inviting users to purchase items that they like. Below is a image of Pharrell Williams site on EBay.


With projected revenues of $300 billion in commerce volume by 2015, EBay will be sure to accomplish this with their two new strategies. These new strategies allow EBay to make personal connections with its users so that they in turn can become more involved with the company. I believe these tactics will be very beneficial to the company’s growth and will create an even larger audience with their new implementation of their omni-channel and social presence.


[i] Strugatz, Rachel. “EBay Launches New Retail Platform.” Savannah College of Art and Design. Womens Wear Daily, 8 Aug. 2013. Web. 31 Oct. 2013. <http://0-www.wwd.com.library.scad.edu/retail-news/direct-internet-catalogue/ebay-launches-new-retail-platform-7081328?src=search_links&gt;.

[ii] Strugatz, Rachel. “EBay Revamp Takes Social Cues.” Savannah College of Art and Design. Women’s Wear Daily, 23 Oct. 2013. Web. 31 Oct. 2013. <http://0-www.wwd.com.library.scad.edu/retail-news/direct-internet-catalogue/ebay-revamp-takes-social-cues-7242559?src=search_links&gt;.

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