Jockey New Collaboration With Rachel Zoe

Jockey International Case Study


Jockey is a manufacturer and retailer of underwear and sleepwear for men, women and children. In their latest campaign they launched a new advertising campaign named “Redefining Comfort” that featured Rachel Zoe endorsed “Must-Haves.” “The campaign was created to convey a more glamorous side of classic Jockey products, and aims to challenge the perception that comfort and glamour cannot coexist.”[i] With this new campaign, Jockey plans to revamp their brand image and expand their female audience.



The brand first partnered with Rachel Zoe in 2012. This collaboration featured a “selection of ‘major must-have’ shapewear and intimates that would be available in stores.” Zoe’s trusted style expertise will power the distribution of comfortable, stylish, and solution-based apparel. The purpose of this line was to empower women to wear the items from day to night while embracing the comfort and style of the undergarments. [ii] Jockey wanted to launch a more modern line that will give a great fit for everyday wear. They also wanted to reach an audience that would appreciate their combination of comfortable yet chic undergarments, making the consumer feel great from within. With the support from Rachel Zoe, the collection should be a huge success, as she is a trusted source for style in the fashion industry. Recently, Jockey launched another campaign with Zoe, building on their modernized collection with the approval of Zoe.



With the launch of the recent campaign, Jockey was able to define the definition of a modern woman and her whereabouts throughout the day. Using more relatable headlines such as “Comfort Just Got Glam” and “Comfort Just Got Chic” for the line, Jockey is able to “show the evolution of its collaboration with Zoe by marrying the comfort and quality undergarments with a new and edgy side of the brand.” “The Jockey collection, including those items curated as Rachel Zoe’s “Must-Haves,” provides consumers with high-quality, on-trend innerwear in a variety of cuts, colors and patterns, ranging from thongs and boy shorts to lace and laser-cut edges.” [iii] With a more trendy, fashion focused consumer at heart, Jockey and Zoe was able to reach this consumer with their new campaign. It was marketed via print and digital advertising platforms, social media, online videos, public relations and consumer activations.



This new modern campaign was able to reach a younger and more fashion forward audience. They received a strong and favorable consumer reaction from the campaign. The partnership with Rachel Zoe has been a continued success and the message that they were trying to convey reached its audience in a positive and understandable way.  The brand continues to strive for innovative and fashion forward ideas to modernize its original platform in the industry. With the success of their new campaign, the brand is sure to receive its ROI from this multimillion-dollar venture.


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