Kanye West x Adidas

The man of the hour is Kanye West. Infamously known for his public appearances at various shows and events, Kanye West has successfully meshed his music career with the fashion industry.

Kanye West has been quite the man to collab with on the fashion scene. He has signed many deals with popular footwear companies from sneakers to platforms. From Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe to Bape and Nike, Kanye West has compiled a list of heavy hitters to work with. His most recent collaboration is with the multinational sportswear company Adidas. Cutting ties with his Nike contract because he didn’t receive any royalties, West is now teaming up with Adidas for a new footwear and clothing deal.



Through Adidas, West is teaming up with Y-3 to produce his “Yeezi” line.  West also states that he will receive royalties with Adidas. As one of few hip hop fashion designers, Kanye West states that “he will be bigger than Wal-Mart.” Now I don’t know about Wal-Mart, but West is striving to make a mark in the fashion industry, not only for himself but his family as well. Now can we still expect to see the highly anticipated Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” release? Who knows; we might have to right those off. But Below are some pics of West’s most famous kicks over the past few years.


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